Attempted Theft in State Bank of India KSDSU campus raises concerns


STATE BANK OF INDIA KS Sanskrit University Darbhanga

The attempted theft in State Bank of India KSDSU branch of Darbhanga in the night of March 27 seems another shocking addition to the recent thefts/attempts incidences in the city .The thieves sneaked through the high walls and managed to break iron pillared window.However , they failed to steal anything.

The incident has once again raised the question about security of the university campus as well as the bank.

Despite several the elapsed of hours after the incident , local police could not arrest the thieves. A couple of moths before this incident , thieves had chopped sandalwood tree from the University premises.

In that case, the police had questioned two security guards deployed at the location.Although no concrete result were received.

A few days after this incident , the thieves looted eight thousand rupees by breaking an ATM of a bank located at Kadirabad. Even in this case, the police have not reached the real culprits. In the case, The police arrested a young man of Kanti Thana area of Muzaffarpur district and could not do nothing else.

About eight months ago , thieves had cut SBIs ATM with a gas cutter at Shivdhara.Initially  it was said that the amount was in lakhs that was stolen from there.

However, later the police disclosed that many lakhs of rupees burnt during the event. In the case, it was came to light that an organized gang of thieves from outside had been involved in this event.Police team was formed to reach the gang.But, the police has failed in this till now.

Now the latest incident of thieves entering the branch of SBI has increased police woes.It is to see that the police can catch the thieves or it will have the fate like other cases.

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