Bihar Motors Transport Federation increases private buses fares in Bihar



Fare of private buses has been increased by 25 to 30% in Bihar.

The increased fare will be effective from midnight from 30th September.

Bihar Motors Transport Federation announced the increase in fares.

Uday Shankar Prasad Singh state president and Mukesh Verma , district president Federation said that due to the increase in the price of diesel, road tax and permit, and other things, there is a need to increase the rent.

There is an increased fare table from Patna to other places of Bihar as follows-

Patna – Muzaffarpur Rs 110
Patna – Bhiththamore Rs 250
Patna – Sitamadhi Rs 200
Patna –Betia Rs 265
Patna – Raxaul Rs 265
Patna – Ladaniyan Rs 290
Patna – Jaynagar Rs 275
Patna – Madhubani Rs 215
Patna – Darbhanga Rs 195
Patna- Laukaha Rs 290
Patna – Samastipur Rs 125
Patna – Madhepur Rs 275
Patna – Jhanjharpur Rs 255
Patna – Mahadev Math Rs 315
Patna – Motihari Rs 210
Patna – Pusa Rs 125

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1 thought on “Bihar Motors Transport Federation increases private buses fares in Bihar

  1. Why that much amount we have to pay for transporting? Is this amount not too high?
    Please think on transporting rate and kindly decrease it.
    Thank you

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