Bus going from Darbhanga to Delhi upturned in Mathura



A private double-decker bus going from Darbhanga to Delhi upturned on Yamuna Express Way on Oct 1.

The accident occurred at 6 AM near milestone 125 of Baldeo police jurisdiction.

According to witnesses, the bus became uncontrolled and collided with divider on the road.

About 50 passengers became injured in this accident.The condition of half a dozen passengers is serious with hand fractures, head and back injuries.

The private bus from Darbhanga had departed for Delhi with 100 passengers.

Many speculate that the accident took place because of the driver sleeping at the wheel.Eye witnesses said that the bus was being driven at a very high speed and it overturned after the driver lost control of the vehicle. The driver fled after the accident.

The authorities roped in to remove the over turned bus which caused a traffic disruption for an hour.

The name of injured as follows –

1. Anis , son of Umesh Paswan , resident of Korthu of Ghanshyampur police station , Darbhanga.

2. Rahul , son of Ramlal Sah , resident of Paigambarpur, Darbhanga.

3. Bachchelal Yadav , son of Mauje lal Yadav resident of Teera of Ghanshyampur police station , Darbhanga.

4. Naresh Ram , son of Dinesh Ram , resident of Tiharekanhe of Ghanshyampur police staion , Darbhanga.

5. Vinod , son of Kali Rao , resident of Paigambarpur , Darbhanga.

6. Irshad , son of Shamshad , resident of New society east Delhi.

7. Shahid Ali , son of Zakir Husain , resident of Kaseni of Singewar Bhawanipur.

8. Shibbu Sah , son of Kaleshwar sah resident of Buddhkara Jahangirpur of Gaighat police station Muzaffarpur.

9. Manoj ,  son of Ram Prabuddh , resident of Buddhkara of Gaighat police station , Muzaffarpur.

10. Indradev Mandal , son of Munnilal Mandal resident of Dewadi of Ghanshyampur police station , Darbhanga .

11. Dinesh Yadav son of Damodar , resident of Jagdishpur of Biraul police station , Darbhanga .

12. Savitri Devi , wife of Gopal Mishra resident and Gopal Mishra , resident of Rajvihar , Delhi.

13. Shamshad , son of Badre , resident of Bahoram of Jamalpur police station , Darbhanga.

14. Suresh Jha , son of Narayan , resident of Korthu of Ghanshyampur police station , Darbhanga.

15. Shyambabu , son of Bhallaram , resident of Kanhoni of Baheri police station Darbhanga.

As the spread to the relatives of the passengers a sense of shock and sadness ran through them.

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