Darbhanga Airport still not suitable for Large Aircraft says Review Committee


In absence of conducive Darbhanga airport airstrip Spice Jet might use Q400 from its fleet

According to airport sources , the recent investigation of the runway of Darbhanga Airport has revealed that airstrip is still not suitable for take off and landing of large aircrafts.

The overhead of the airport runway made of concrete has been damaged and it needs to be repaired.If this work starts now , it can  still take five to six months to complete it.

The interim terminal building will have porta cabin with arrival and departure areas, security hold area, VIP lounges with the provision of toilet blocks in each lounge and allied facilities. A porta cabin or portable, demountable or transportable cabin is a temporary  building designed and built to be movable rather than permanently located.

The terminal building is to be installed with LED Lights, air conditioners and fire alarm system among other utilities.

It must be understood that for commencement of commercial flight operations from Darbhanga Airport it needs to have a Terminal building along with ATC (air traffic control) tower, parking apron and cargo among other facilities.

Under these circumstances , the airport is not expected to fly large aircraft by the end of this year.The length of Darbhanga airport runway is 9000 feet long although and this is favourable to the standards.This length , however , is not suitable for 180-seater planes.

It is also possible that SpiceJet might employ the smaller (70-90 seater) Q400 aircraft from Darbhanga under UDAAN scheme in participation with the Government of India.

Also not to forget, In Feb 2018 , Jayant Sinha – Minister of State for Civil Aviation had said that flights from Darbhanga airport might begin within 6 months.

The Committee that came for the survey of the airport campus has informed this status to the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

As you know , Under the UDAAN flight scheme by Government of India there is a plan was to start the airline services from Darbhanga as well.After a bidding of flight operators completed 2 months ago, Spice Jet has been selected for operating the aircraft from Darbhanga airport.The planes will take off for Mumbai , Delhi and Bengaluru with a minimum fare of Rs 2500 for 1 hour flight.

Airport construction status

In order to start flights as early as possible , currently , at the place of terminal building Porta Cabins are to be constructed.The responsibility of its construction is given to the airport administration.

The Airport Authority of India had floated tenders for terminal building for the airport but interests were not shown by standard agencies.As a result the tenders were cancelled.

‘The tenders have been re-issued on May 12’ said GM of Patna Airport.

Precision Approach Path Indicator  is also to be installed on the runway of the air port by the Air Port Administration.

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