Darbhanga boy gets best cinematography award for ‘Pankhuri’ at DIFF


‘Pankhuri’ gets awarded at DIFF

Young actors , Kartik Sahani is a residant of Darbhanga tower.

A film directed by Darbhanga’s resident , Kartik Sahani , has received appreciation and award at the Delhi Film Festival.The event was organised from Dec 6 – Dec 9 at Connaught Place in New Delhi this year.

The film ‘Pankhuri’ by Kartik is based on the Indian government’s initiative ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Parhao’.

The aspects of the film making like writing, directing and cinematography for the film has been done by the young director himself.More importantly , 174 films from 54 countries were showcased in this festival.

Kartik , who is received good reviews for his film , was also awarded with ‘Tathastu Award ’ in an another similar event in Delhi on December 25. 

The young director said that ‘Pankhuri’ was also showcased in the Indian Parliament .At the parliament , the chief guests was Maenaka Gandhi, Union Minister of Government of India . This movie was also seen and appreciated by the ministers, MPs, Bollywood celebrities.

What is the story of ‘Pankhuri’

The story revoles around a girl named Pankhuri who resides in a village along with her father, mother and his younger brother Pappu. The story showcases her life in the village with all others and also how child marriage can end the playful and innocent childhood of children.

Pankhuri wants to study. But due to being a girl, she has to face several obstacles.

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