Darbhanga Civil Airport opening on June 19?


Spicejet hints June 19 as Darbhanga Airport Opening Date

The possibility of opening of Darbhanga Airport by June this year seems bright. The Airport will get the name as Vidyapati Terminal.

The foundation stone was laid for the Civil Enclave Terminal Building in December last month. The 200 people capacity Terminal building is to be developed with an estimated budget of 76 Crores by the end of May 2019

Spicejet hints June 19 as the start day?

Spicejet – the flight operator from Darbhanga was seen advertising for the upcoming its flight services in Vidapati Samaraoh in Bangalore on January 12. The operator announced its services for Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai from June 19.

The event was sponsored by Spicejet and bigger hoarding was floated all across the event about the start of the flight services.

Another important thing to note is that the SpiceJet’s CMD – Ajay Singh had recently assured the Government of operating 10-15 daily flights from Darbhanga.

Airport Work Progress Updates

The construction work for Civil Enclave has already begun at Darbhanga Airport. The materials for the construction has been dropped for the runway.

Raised Elevation of Runway

The repairing of the runway will is also to start this week. The tankers have also dropped the charcoal required for the construction and repair of the runway. The work of the runway hoped to be fully completed by next week with the help of about 70-80 workers of MAPL – the construction agency.

At present, the elevation of the runway built at Darbhanga Airport will be raised. The runway will be raised to about 10 inches [28 cm] in height. Actually, special techniques are being employed to make the runway. In this, a specified quantity of cement is mixed in addition to the coal tar.

Terminal Building Construction

Currently, the construction work for a temporary terminal building spread across ​​2.3 acres of land adjacent to the gate No 2 near Darbhanga Air Force Station is in progress.

The initial steps of laying the pillar around the said area is being carried out. Almost 2 dozens of workers are engaged in the construction work all through the day.

Entry through Gate No 2

The passengers will enter and exit the Vidyapati Terminal Darbhanga Airport through gate number 2 of the Air Force Station.

The arrangement for parking of vehicles is being arranged on the right side. After parking the car the passengers will be able to leave for a safety check and boarding next to the canteen.

After completing the flight formalities, the passengers will be taken to the low-floor buses to the aircraft on the runway.

Construction of 20 feet widening road

A 20 feet wide road is also being constructed in the Air Force Station to ferry passengers after security check. The boundary wall of the Air Force Station is adjacent to the Civil Airport hence passengers will not have the permission to roam near the temporary building of the Air Force center.

Parking space for three planes at Darbhanga Airport

An arrangement for the parking of at least three planes at Darbhanga Airport has been made. Among these, two in one direction and the third will stand in the opposite direction.

Only after the flight of one of the three planes, the landing of any other plane will be allowed. At present, there is a parking arrangement of nearly five planes at the Jay Prakash Airport in Patna.


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