Darbhanga Lakshmeshwar Museum gets additional security

Darbhanga Museum gets additional security
Darbhanga Museum gets additional security

During his visit to Lakshmeshwar Singh Museum, Thiagarajan SM – the new DM of Darbhanga asked to increase the number of security persons guarding the museum.

On his inspection to the historical heritages and building of Darbhanga the new DM also went Chandradhari Museum, Maharaja Lakshmeshwar Singh Museum, LNMU, KSDSU, and Raj Fort. Dr. Thiagrajan saw the ancient rare manuscripts, paintings of Mughal period, weapons, touchstone at Chandradhari  Museum. At present, a renovation work of the museum is under process, so he instructed to end this work quickly.

After this, he also went the nearest museum Lakshmeshwar Singh Museum, where he saw Haunda of ivory, bed sedan and throne of Maharaja. The DM also visited the LNMU campus where both universities are located in the same campus. He told that in as the museum, mythological and very valuable things have been kept, so its protection is necessary.


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