Darbhanga Station glitters under giant Solar Tree power source


Installed at Darbhanga Station - A solar tree is a structure incorporating solar energy technology on a single pillar, like a tree trunk

Under Solar Mission of the Indian Railways programme , Darbhanga station began receiving electricity from solar panel powered systems.

A giant solar tree was installed on railway stations’ with a ground-mounted structure.With this system , railways aims to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and lower expenditure.

The system produces 6 KW of power which is used to lighten up Running room and newly constructed waiting room.

Interestingly , this also happens to be the first solar tree of East-Central Railways.In this regard senior section engineer MK Yadav was also rewarded by DRM LK Trivedi.

On the other hand, railway passengers have also been asked by the railways to cooperate in maintaining the beauty of the station.

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