Flights from Darbhanga to Delhi/Bengaluru/Mumbai by Aug-2018


SpiceJet will start regular flights from Darbhanga for all 7 days in a week
SpiceJet may start flights from Darbhanga under Udan Phase 2  by Aug 2018

Regular Flights from Darbhanga to Delhi , Mumbai and Bangalore is soon going to start and that too within 6 months !  No official statement has been made about the darbhanga airport starting date  but it is certain that if everything works according to the plan of the government Darbhanga to Delhi ,Darbhanga to Mumbai and Darbhanga to Bangalore flight operations might be started by August 2018.

‘If the government provides land for a terminal building and entrance at the airport, flights could start within six months’ according to flight operators.

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Air services starting under UDAN scheme

Unlike previous attempts of starting the air service including chartered flight service which have bee proved to be futile, this time, its a government-backed scheme named UDAN-2 to increase a regional air connectivity.

The Centre under this scheme asks the States to provide minimum land, free of cost, for development of the RCS airports.Indian government will compensate for the loss with a Viability Gap Funding (VGF) of about Rs. 3,000 per seat and States will have to bear 20% towards VGF.

In the tender floated by Government of India 2 low-cost flight operators named IndiGo and SpiceJet airlines had shown interests in flight operations from Darbhanga airport.

SpiceJet to start flights from Darbhanga

SpiceJet will be the first operator to conduct flights from Darbhanga airport as per the latest updates.It will possibly use BOEING 737-800 aircraft carrier for flights from Darbhanga towards Delhi , Mumbai and Bangalore.This aircraft carrier has 189 passenger seats.The maximum fare set for all 3 destinations has been Rs 3470.The operator will carryout its flights on all 7 days in a week in its expected flight schedule.

About Darbhanga Airport

Darbhanga airport is the first private aviation airport in India.It also happens to be the third biggest runway airport in Bihar.The airport was used as private airport by the Maharaja of Darbhanga.Started in 1950 as King Kameshwar Singh Private Indian airlines , the king had a fleet of three personal aircrafts.

Darbhanga airport has a runway length of over 9,000 feet.It is currently used as air force base station from where fighter and other military aircraft take off.The airport strip if used for commercial flights will need to be developed further.This because the existing runway might be okay for smaller passenger aircraft  but larger aircrafts will need at-least 9,500 feet long runway for safer landing.

The operations will be monitored by Regional Connectivity Scheme ‘UDAN’ of the Government of India.The government will also start similar services from 56 airports in the country including Nainital , Oithoragarh , Almora , Haldwani , Masoorie , Allahabad , Haridwar , SriNagar , Bokaro and Dumka.

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