‘Formalin treated’ Andhra Fishes meets ban in Bihar;Found to cause cancer



Fish are considered better for health.

But, did you know that it can cause a cancer?

The government of Bihar has applied a ban on the fishes imported from Andhra Pradesh.The ban comes after an observation that cancer is spreading in Bihar by consumption of fishes coming from Andhra Pradesh.

Every year about 50-60 thousand tones of fish reaches Bihar, from Andhra Pradesh.

It takes four to five days to transport fishes from Andhra Pradesh. Sometimes it even takes 4 to 5 weeks. As a result, the fishes starts to rot.

Since last some years, Formalin (a type of chemical) is used to protect the fish from being spoiled by the exporters of Andhra Pradesh. The chemical preservative used has been found to cause cancer. Formalin is derived from formaldehyde also used to preserve bodies in mortuaries. It can also increase shelf life of fresh food.Its short term use can cause nausea, coughing and burning sensation in eyes, nose and throat in the short term. In long term use it causes cancer.

The state government received complaints about the use of Formalin in fish coming from Andhra Pradesh. After the complaints, Bihar government sent the fish samples to Kolkata and Cochin Labs to investigate, where the complaint were found to be true.

As a consequence, the state government set a ban on sale of Andhra fish in Bihar due to its being lethal for health.The Department has been instructed to take necessary steps implement the ban.

Pashupati Kumar Paras , Animal and Fisheries Resources Minister  said that the use of Formalin in fish is unethical.He added that permission to play with health of the people of Bihar can not be tolerated.

A meeting of officers of the department was convened to ban the fish of Andhra Pradesh.

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