Government may Impose ban on polythene bags in Bihar


HC orders Bihar government to frame a law for complete ban on polythene bags in the state

Patna High court has ordered Bihar Government to make a law to ban the production and use of polythene bags in the state. The high court stressed the complete restriction on the use of polythene and asked the state government to come up with a legislation soon. Quoting the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the court advocated fine and punishment for the offenders in the proposed law.

The bench of MR Shah – Chief Justice and Dr. Ravi Ranjan – Justice in Patna High Court, completed the hearing of the case on Monday.
The highest court in Bihar expressing a concern for the pollution at the bank of the Ganges and advised a ban on the use of polythene in all temples of State.

Bihar Government’s Argument

On behalf of the government, it was said that only the capital area should be banned and the rural area should be exempt from it. The court replied that both areas should be viewed the same stuff.

Total Ban on Polythene bags

The court expressed dissatisfaction over the government of Bihar’s argument over exempting rural area from the ban.  ‘A risk from polythene is not only for the people of urban area’, the court clarified. The polythene has become a menace choking the drains.

Every year it causes waterlogging on rainy days in the cities.

Moreover, the items left by the worshippers are making the holy Ganga river polluted. The animals are getting sick by eating polythene thrown on the roads. ‘A public awareness campaign needs to be raised in this concern’, the court said.

Current status in the state on polythene

There is a ban on polythene bags with than 50 microns thickness in the state. The polythene vendors do not care to obtain licenses from local bodies even when it is a mandatory law.

State which has a ban on polythene bags

Uttar Pradesh , Chhattisgarh , Uttrakhand , Sikkim , Delhi , Himachal Pradesh , Punjab , Haryana , Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh , Maharashtra , Karnataka , Tripura , Arunachal Pradesh , Nagaland , Jammu-Kashmir.

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