Groundwater scarcity grips more areas of Darbhanga: Blame it on poor water conservation!


Grim water crisis in Darbhanga
Ground waterlevel in Darbhanga has fallen by 6 feet.

Low rainfall in the last few years had a serious impact on the groundwater level in the Mithila region of Bihar. In Darbhanga town itself where the groundwater level is normally around 20 feet has now plummeted to 26 feet. The situation is such a grave that district administration headed by Dr Thiyagarajan SM – the DM of Darbhanga has called a meeting today to deal with the situation.

In fact, the falling groundwater level is not a problem of any particular mohalla or village of the district. Rather, the entire district has been affected by this problem. In some areas, people are suffering from this problem since several months. More seriously, the water crisis is spreading to newer areas.

Although a region of ponds, most hand pumps have dried  up in the district. Even the Baghmati river flowing from the western part of the city is drying up. The situation can be imagined from the fact that water is being supplied by tankers in many villages of this Mithila region.

Darbhanga Town reels under deep water crisis

The urban area of Darbhanga is also facing a serious water problem. People are facing grave drinking water availability crisis in Navtoliya, Balbhadrapur, Madarpur, Bakarganj, Saidnagar, Belwaganj, Rahamganj, Ismailganj, Donar, Allpatti, Lalbagh, Karamganj, Chunabhatthi, and Kadirabad. The situation is so frightening that people have to wake up all night to fill water in their water-tank by the motor. Despite this, success is not guranteed.

Wealthy and affluent people are using the submersible pumps but the problem is hard on the people who are unable to afford it. They are carring water from the governmental provided submersible pump which are very less in numbers.

Uttering their woes the people of Donar and Katarahiya said that they were able to fill their water-tanks only till the last month but now the water is no more being pulled by their motor-pumps owing to falling groundwater level..What will happen in the coming May and June. “What will happen in the month of May and June”, a worried inhabitant added.

No efforts for water conservation

According to water resource experts, low rainfall may also be a reason but more serious factors have contributed to this situation. The situation in the town has emerged due to the large scale constructions which have blocked the areas for water seepage into the ground level. Secondly, the deposit of polythene and plastic bags at the bottom of ponds and water reservoirs have prevented the seepage of additional water to the groundwater level.

There is an also strict order of the Government that order only the house plans which have Rainwater Harvesting System as a part of it. But the Municipal Corporation is not able to enforce this strictly in the district.
To make it worse, people have encroached the banks of ponds and water reservoirs flouting Supreme Court orders.

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