Kharmas prevents auspicious works in Mithila from March 15



Due to Kharmas period the auspicious work has been stopped in Mithila.The time of Kharmas is starting from March 15 .So, the sound of clarinets have stopped for one whole month.The last auspicious date is on Monday.

This Kharmas will now end on April 7 and the auspicious work will begin from April 16.

  Due to Kharmas Mundan , Upnayan, Grih pravesh , and business work are affected according to astrology. Kharmas are also called Malmas.

No good-auspicious work including marriage is done during this time.It is believed one should not be wear red cloth in this period. Small and  big works are affected for nearly a month in the Kharmas.

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