KSDSU to revive Shastrartha tradition in Mithila


Shastrartha between Bharati and Sankaracharya is one of the most famous incidences in the history of Mithila

‘KSDSU is making efforts to revive the Shastrartha tradition’ , said VC of the University on the occasion of the foundation day of the university

Professor Sarvnarayan Jha – VC of KSDSU said that the identity of Mithila has been unique  in the field of education since the beginning.History is a witness that The Shastrartha tradition is popular in this land since ancient times.

‘The world knows about the Shastrartha of Shankaracharya with Mandan Mishra and his wife Bharti’,he added.Due to inevitable reasons the traditions of Shastrartha disappeared from the medieval period.

VC said , the government’s effort to educate women is appreciable but if we observe the ancient Mithila we will discover that Shankaracharya was defeated in the Shastrartha by Bharti.

The Vice Chancellor said that he is making efforts to resume this amazing tradition of Mithila. Vice Chancellor was talking to journalists on Saturday. He appealed to help all the people to revive this tradition.

Shastrarth tradition will be commenced on the foundation day of the KSDSU.

Shastrartha , as you might know ,  was a kind of philosophical and religious contests in ancient India in which scholars participated to reveal the inner meaning.

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