Madhubani Literature Festival 2018 to be organized at Rajnagar from December 19


Madhubani Literature Festival 218

Literature and culture are the means of expressing any glorious tradition.

The upcoming Madhubani Literature Festival seems to be a way to revive this tradition in Mithila region.

In the month of December, a 3-day literary get-together event is going to be organized at Rajnagar of Madhubani.

Rajnagar has been the ancient capital of Darbhanga state.The ruins of the grand palaces of Darbhanga King reflects a historical prosperity of the region.

But due to government’s ignorance, this palace has attained a state of dilapidation today.

Madhubani Literature Festival is going to be organized at this Rajnagar from December 19 to 21 (018).

An organiser of the event Savita Jha Khan speaking about the upcoming event said “Our objective is to make the country and the world aware about the cultural aspects and ancient heritage of Mithila” .

“Mithila has been the land of literature, art, folk tradition, culinary system, lifestyle as well as justice and philosophy and Madhubani Literature Festival is an initiative to highlight these characteristics of Mithila”, she added..

People who will participate in the event will be introduced to Mithila’s  small scale industries like bangle/lahathi making, makhana, sikki art and handicrafts .

Scholars of several languages have been invited to Madhubani Literature Festival, including a prominence to Maithili scholars.

Also scholars of other 2 prominent Indian languages-  Hindi and English will attend in this conference.

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