Maithili Language popularity rising among BPSC candidates


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Several Candidates Crack BPSC with Maithili as a subject this year

The popularity of Maithili is increasing in the Union Public Service Commission and the Bihar Public Service Commission’s examinations. Every year, a considerable number of students have achieved success with Maithili subjects in both examinations. In fact, Maithili has emerged as a popular subject for these examinations.

The year 2019 saw more than two dozens of students opting Maithili in the 60th-62nd BPSC Competition Examinations and getting a success in the examination as well. In the previous results of BPSC, about 35 examinees had received success with Maithili.

Candidates who got success with Maithili in BPSC

Nishant Kumar, who contributed to the post of assistant project officer in Darbhanga, has received the 126th rank. He has been selected for Bihar Administrative Services. Nishant is originally a resident of Samastipur Sarairanjan, Kantipur.

Amrapali Yadav, wife of Divakar Diva resident of Allpatti Krishnapuri and daughter of Raghuvir Narayan, a resident of remote Kusheshwarsthan of Darbhanga district has secured 529th rank with Maithili. She has been selected for the post of the revenue officer.

Raj Kumar, working in the Patna Secretariat, has secured 317th rank with Maithili as a subject.

Kumari Pallavi, a resident of Purnia, has succeeded in getting selected as Excise Superintendent with 296th rank.

Interestingly, non-Maithili speaking students also choosing Maithili as a subject to crack the competitive exam. ‘This is because it is quite easy to learn Maithili for those who know other languages ‘ added a maithili language expert.

Maithili Language in UPSC

Every year in the UPSC examinations, the ratio students passing the examination with Maithili as a language is rising. This time, several examinees from Darbhanga district got selected with Maithili subject in the mains examination.

Maithili received Constitutional status in 2003. Through the 193rd Constitutional Amendment, Maithili was included on December 23rd , 2003 in the Constitution.After this,  the Union Public Service Commission included Maithili as an alternative subject in 2006.One examinees participated in the examination with  Maithili in 2007. The number of examinees increased since 2008 and success figures also increased.


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