Mid Air turbulence jitters passengers in Delhi-Patna flight

Bad weather creates a panic to Patna bound flight

Soon after take-off from Delhi Airport, the Patna bound Jet flight was caught in bad weather creating panic and scare among the passengers on Feb 7. Some passengers began to pray Lord Hanuman to save their lives while others began to fall sick due to mid-air-mishap intuition. The passengers of Delhi-Patna Jet Airways flight breathed a relief only after landing of the plane at Patna around 5.30 PM.

‘The plane was hit by bad weather shortly after the take-off happened and the aircraft balance deteriorated the more it traveled’, said a passenger who was traveling in the same flight. “

There was an atmosphere of fear and a feeling that something bad is to happen,” said Rakesh Verma another passenger in the same flight.

Passengers claimed that during this whole incidence people were not allowed to go to the washroom. The crew members advised them to tie their safety belts.

The technical flaw appeared due to bad weather in the Jet Airways flight 9W 727 which the pilot and crew members managed to take control of. After securing a safe landing at Patna Airport, the crew members received thundering applause from the flight passengers.

Interestingly, Jet Airways management has denied any such incident inside the aircraft.


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