Muslim women makes a protest against triple talaq bill in Darbhanga


Muslim women makes a protest against triple talaq bill in Darbhanga

Muslim women made a protest against the triple talaq bills brought by the Central Government .The women were in support of the All India Muslim Law Board.

Thousands of women from the village and Darbhanga town participated in the procession.The procession of women reached the protest site of the Collectorate from Madrasa Imdadia located at Ismailganj and transformed into a public gathering.

After the public meeting , a seven-member women delegation from Tahffuj Shariat Committee Women Cell Darbhanga handed over a memorandum to the DM in the names of Union government, President and Bihar government in which it was said in opposition to the triple talaq bill passed in the Lok Sabha.This bill was passed after the Supreme Court had cancelled triple talaq bill system on August 22, 2017.

According to protestors , in  this bill , the civil matter has been converted into criminal case.

“That’s why we strongly protest against this bill and demand it to be withdrawn immediately “, they added.

In the memorandum, the statement delivered by the President in the joint parliamentary speech was also condemned.

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