Unknown Insect Bite Kills 2 , affect half a dozen in Darbhanga village


Mysteries Insect Darbhanga

Since last week , 2 Persons have died and more than half a dozen people have been receiving treatment due to mysterious insect bites In Kayasth Kabai village of Darbhanga.This village falls in west Raghopur Panchayat in Manigachhi  block of the district.

The fatalities due to insect bite have created a fear among the villagers.

Unidentified Insect Species

The people suffering from the unknown insect bites are flocking in to DMCH for a better treatment.

The doctors had put the infected patients to observation after some hours , before discharging them.

The marks of insect sting were also noticed by the doctors at the DMCH hospital , however , they could not identify the insects which caused these bites.

Medical Preparations

After getting the information from the Panchat Mukhiya , the Civil Surgeon has ordered an investigation to Manigachi PHC.

To restrict the outbreak , DDT and Phenyl, is being sprayed across the village.

The medical team which is investigating the case has said that in the last week around 4 dozens of pigs had died due to some unknown disease.

The dead bodies of these animals were left in the open by their owners.The team is not brushing aside the link between this and the outbreak of some virus with carriers as insects.

The affected persons have been observed to have a burning sensation , numbness followed by fever due to insect bites.

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