Pink and yellow-greenish varieties of Malda and Zardalu Mangoes developed by BAU of Bihar



Malda, Bambaya, Jaradalu mango now will also now be seen in pink and yellow colour with greenish shade.This will be possible because Bihar Agricultural University is going to release new mango varieties soon in the state.

This will not only change the way mango looks but also farmers are expected to be benefited from this break through.

Dr. Fiza Ahmad , chairman of Horticulture department of Bhagalpur Agricultural University Sabaur told that it has been able to develop this new species through a 4 years of rigorous hard work.

The pollen were taken from the flower of Gulabkhas, Husn ara, Vanraj and Sunshen mango and hybridization was done with female Malda, Bambaya and Zardaloo.

Its hybrid seeds were prepared in 2015 .The quality of new coloured mango is also being examined.After this research – Malda, Bombayia and Zardalu which were until now only in green peels will  now also be available in Sinduria and dark yellow colour.

Dr. Fiza Ahamad told that IARI has changed its colour by researching on Arunima mango.

“Since then, we have also decided to do this in Malda and Bombay mango”, he said.

“Farmers will get a better price for the same mangoes now”, he added.

After some more research, its plants will be distributed to farmers.

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