Prepaid electricity meters to replace existing system in Bihar


Bihar government will spend 8894.32 CR on the energy sector in the financial year 2019-20. It has been stated in the new fiscal year budget that within the next two years, all the electricity consumers of Bihar will be provided a pre-paid meter.

In 2018-19, the target was installing ten thousand pre-paid meters at the total cost of Rs 6.9 crores. but against this only 6.3 crores could be spent and 9100 meters was installed. Electricity will be given for irrigation at just 75 paise per unit in the state.

Electricity will be provided for irrigation at just 75 paise per unit.A sum of 5827 crores will be spent by December 2019 and electricity will be made available for the irrigation by a separate agriculture feeder.

Similarly, work of replacement of the 71.672 KM old electric cables on this scheme has been started at a cost of 2827.51 crores rupees. 5820 KM wires have been changed so far.

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