South Bihar roads to get connected to Nepal in upcoming North-South Corridor


Aurangabad to Nepal Road Route in Bihar

Bihar is also going to have North-South Corridor in the state like the East-West Corridor.The project falls under Bharat Mala Plan started by Government of India.

To achieve this , roads are going to be constructed to connect South Bihar to Nepal.Aurangabad  to Jaynagar route will be a four lane road with a connectivity to state capital – Patna.

The Road Construction Department decided the alignment of North-South Corridor and send it to the Indian government.

However, planning is still going on between  centre and the state government for this project.And final decision might see some changes in the alignment regarding availability of land and traffic density.But the beginning and the end point has been fixed.

South Bihar to get directly connected to Nepal

Nand Kishore Yadav , minister of Road construction took the initiative and extended it to Jaynagar.

South Bihar , as a result of the outcome , will be connected directly to Nepal due to the construction of this road.

According to the current estimates the road will be 271 km long and cross through five districts of Bihar.

Starting from Aurangabad, the road will reach Kachchi Dargah via Jehanabad.From there, Road will cross the  Kutch Dargah-Vidpur bridge and enter Vaishali district.

But , it is also possible that road might be connected to Bakhtiyarpur-Taizpur bridge.If this happens , then Vaishali district will be left out and the road will reach directly to Samastipur district from Patna.

From there , via Darbhanga and Madhubani , the road will reach Jaynagar, where the boarder of Nepal is connected.

Old roads will be connected to corridor

The government is trying to ensure that the alignment needs at least the land acquisition.

So hopefully , some old roads will also be connected to this corridor and its width will be increased to four lanes.

This matter is with NHAI , from where the alignment will get a green nod then the road ‘s DPR will be prepared.


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