Thieves break open 3 ATM’s in Darbhanga , Several lakhs looted


Thieves break open 3 ATM’s in Darbhanga

The thieves broke open city’s three ATMs and stole several lakhs of rupees.When the people saw it in the morning they informed the police.

After that , the police visited the location.

Five cash boxes of ATM recovered from Kadirabad have increased problem of the police.

It is said that first the thieves tried to cut Axis Bank ATM , which is behind of ML Academy School, Laheriasarai.First, they cut the wire of ATM. Within this period , hand of thieves came on the switch of alarm and alarm began to sound.After this , all thieves ran away .

ATM of State Bank of India located at Manharlal mohalla under the area of Town Police Station was also broken in the same night .

First of all thieves, broke the CCTV camera and took out all the rupees after cutting off the cash box without any problem.It is said that , there were total of 5 lakh 64 thousand rupees in the ATM. Although, this amount is likely to increase. Because , 20 lakh rupees were placed inside the ATM on Monday evening itself.

Bank officials told the police that correct data will be available from Mumbai.

Thieves also broke open ATM of ICICI Bank located at the gate of Polytechnic College of University Police Station area in Darbhanga.However, there was no considerable amount in the ATM and thieves got only Rs 8500.

The incident has belied the Darbhanga police’s claim about regular night patrolling.

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