Time set for completion of Jaynagar-Kurtha railway line



Rail projects have been given speed to strengthen relations between India and Nepal.

The government seems not in a mood to tolerate delay in the rail construction work between the two countries.Intention is to strengthen of deep-rooted relations between India and Nepal .

No wonder that the Railways has finalized the final time for completing the first phase of the Jaynagar-Kurtha (Nepal) rail line of Jainagar-Vardivas (Nepal) railway project connecting India and Nepal.

  According to the information that Government of India will give this railway line as gift to the resident of both countries on the occasion of the Gandhi Jayanti.

The day of October 2 for both countries will be historic.Although its official announcement is yet to be made.

But , Railways have made full preparations to run the train in advance, before the said date.Trial can be happen any day.

The travel of Janakpur Dham will be easy 

After operation of trains in first phase between Jaynagar and Kurtha (Nepal), the traveling of Janakpur Dham by rail-route will become easy.

Kurtha station is 4 kilometers ahead of Janakpur Halt.

Due to lack of land, Janakpur Dham station could not be constructed.

But the company has built Janakpur Dham ultra-modern Halt whereby the foreign guests will also get attracted.

A two-storey building on the halt with the High level platform and a parking lot at the bottom is also being made.

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