Mithila Panchang /Banarasi Panchang 2018 Vivah Muhurat’s by Pandit Amar Kant Mishra

If we talk about auspicious dates for marriages according to Banarasi Panchang , the most auspicious dates (Muhurat) is in July.There are 15 auspicious dates in the month of July. On the other hand , according to the Mithila Panchang by  Pandit Amar Kant  Mishra , there are 46 Vivah Muhurat dates in Mithila. According […]

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Upnayan , Mundan and Dwiragaman dates are less in year 2017 according to Mithila Panchang

Very Few Dwiragman,Yagyonpavit and Mundan Dates in Mithila in 2017

Due to Kharmas period since last month all the auspicious works were suspended.Kharmas ended on last January 16 and with this begins the auspicious works have begun in Mithila. The marriages have already been begun from January 16.According to the astrologists the auspicious days are till July 2017 but there lesser days for Yagyonpavit till […]

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Mithila Panchang Dates 2016-17

Panchang makers in Mithila jointly declare auspicious dates for 2016-2017

New Mithila Panchang dates for 2017-18 events have been declared.Refer news here – There was meeting of Panchang makers of Mithila organized by Jyotish Research Center and All India Maithil Mahasabha at Balbhadrapur in Darbhanga. In a bid to prevent dates confusion across different panchangs , the panchang makers fixed dates for the festivals […]

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Panchang by KSDSU

Fake Vishwavidyalaya Panchang being sold in Patna and Madhubani

The fake copies of Viswavidyalaya Panchang of Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University  is being sold in in Patna and Madhubani.Bala Ji offset Press , the authorized publisher of Viswavidyalaya Panchang  has complaint about fake copies of Vishwavidyalay Panchang . The publisher has claimed that the fake copies of panchang is rampantly being sold at many […]

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Viswa Vidyalaya Panchang 2015-16

Viswavidyalaya Panchang’s popularity is on the rise says VC of KSDSU

On the occasion of Viswavidyalaya Panchang launch event the VC of the Kameshwar Singh Sanskrit University ,Dr. Dev Narayan Jha ,said that there is a strong relation between the panchang and the culture-tradition of mithila. Read 2016-2017 Mithila Viswavidyalaya Panchang Dates The VC also expressed the need of a better way to be publish the […]

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Vishwa Vidyalaya Panchang - Click to download

Vishwavidyalaya Panchang 2015-16 by KSDSU to be released on July 14th, 2015

Vishwavidyalay Panchang by KSDSU will be on a sale from July 14 .The information was given by the examination controller Dr. Dilip Kumar Jha.He told that The Panchang will be released by the Vice Chancellor of the KSD University Dr.Dev Narayan Jha .  Panchang is a kind of event booklet traditionally used in Mithila to […]

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