Chirping of the exotic bird started in Kusheshwarsthan


Kusheshwarsthan of Bihar is famous for Bird sanctuary . The strolls of the exotic birds has been started in the Chaur of Kusheshwarsthan . By this , the natural scenery of there , is very pleasing . The tourists come here to catch in their cameras .

Kusheshwarsthan  is called the capital of flood . This is confluence spot of Koshi , Kamla and Kareh river . Kusheshwarsthan is a block of Darbhanga district . This block is confluence of ponds and chaurs . Here , the arrival of the exotic birds starts with the approach of frost in the areas of water logging .

Bird sanctuary is neglected

The state government had announced to make bird sanctuary it in the year of 2004 . After that , it was banned on the hunting of birds . The watch tower was also made in Shivganga ghat for monitoring on hunting of exotic birds . The time more than two decades passed of the announcement , the situation remains intact . By this , there is indignation in the local people .

Birds come from these country

Experts says that The Birds come here from Siberia , Australia , Russia , Japan , China , Pakistan etc countries . These Birds return their countries over the frost . There are Sarayar , Nakata , Didhaunch , Lalsar and Samchakwa main birds in these . However , the people say that the arrival the exotic bird is low because the flood water has been reduced to be in the Chaur of Kusheshwarsthan .

At present , the exotic Birds have started to make their nests in  the Chaurs of Bhindua , Usri and Tilkeshwar panchayat east of Kusheshwarsthan .


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