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Maithili Film – In Good Times

Maithili film being shot in mithila.The success of recently released the maithili film “Sindurdan” has once again proved that good films always work despite all odds.It is to note that film was made with a meagre budget of just 40 lakhs.The film has broken the belief that only bhojpuri films can make big moolah.Joining the success bandwagon of sindurdan many old maithili filmmakers have also declared to make maithili films.One more film “Ek Chutki Sindur” has started shooting in some parts of Mithila and half dozen films are already in the pipeline.


The first Maithili movie was Kanyadan (released in 1965 & Directed by Phani Majumdar), of which a significant portion was made in the Maithili language.The film’s story in which the protagonist doesnot know maithili language  but decided to learn maithili as his wifeknows only maithili language.Another maithili movie “Mamta Gaave Geet” was released in 70’s and became very popular due to the melodious songs and good storyline.But after that no serious effort was done to make a maithil melodrama.

Change of EnvironmentFilm Sindurdan highlighted the dowry problem of mithila

After many years in 2002 a new maithili film “Sasta Jindagi Mehga Sindur” appeared in the scene.This film by director Balkrishna Jha broke all success records and was widely a big hit.This maithili film’s songs were played in many village fairs and other maithil gatherings.

Famous playback singer “Udit Narayan” also produced a Maithili film named “Eejot” (ray of light) but , despite the good songs the film fall flat on the box office due to a bad script . In 2007 November another maithili film “Sindurdan” was released the film was quickly widrawn from theatres due to some sound problem.The producer’s have re-released the film now with a correction and new songs added.

Possible reasons for the slow growth of the maithil film industry

1 Most film makers do not understand the soul of maithil culture as they are born and brought up outside mithila.

2 The dialogue writers fail to place the right kind of maithili dialogues at the right film situation , they try to push hindi words as fillers.

3 Maithil film audience would not spare a bad film so a filmmaker has to be very careful in effort in contrast a mediocre bhojpuri film can do a good business.

4 Good maithili filmmakers despite having a resounding success fear of taking risks and move to bhojpuri market which they feel less risky.

Future of Maithil Movies

An old marketing fundamental says “good product always sells” applies to maithili films as well.The only thing it requires is an effort from the heart.The maithili film market is untapped and without any major competition,  an “honest” effort from maithili filmmakers , is bound to get the reward from audience in terms of moolah and praise.

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