The importance of symbolic elements in Gauri Puja of Mithila


Since time immemorial ,  Gauri Puja or the worship of goddess ‘Gauri’ in Mithila has much devotionally been solemnized among the Maithil women folks.Its abounding significance and religious fervor have persistently been intermingled with the throbbing’s of the multitudes of hearts among the virgins of Mithila who are found serenely absorbed in this ritual since antiquity.

Blessings from the deities

Customs of Mithila

After bridal ceremony , when the couple steps into the threshold of married life , the worship of Gauri and Ganesh is done to get the blessings of the deities.The newly wedded brides also worship elephant fish , tortoise , oil-lamp , the pitcher of water , the picture of Lord Krishna and the Kadamba aka the burflower tree for the profound well-being of their in novel and blissful family lives. These auspicious objects are much elegantly painted on the walls of the marriage chamber in Mithila widely known as ‘Koha-bar-ghar’.Each of the aforesaid objects has it’s own significance which can not be undermined.

The Symbolic Elements in rituals


The elephant is the symbol of opulence.The bride wistfully aspires that her home should abound in immense wealth.The fish is regarded as a very auspicious creature in Mithila.The tortoise is the emblem of proliferation , the oil-lamp stands for placidity and felicity.Lord Krishna is considered the supreme God-head who is the great savior and fountain of compassion.The elegantly green and flowery kadamba (burflower ) tree is most favorite tree of Lord Krishna.It is said that under this tree the lord blew his flute gaily.The soul stirring melody of the flute notes reverberated all over pouring honey in the ambient air.

The pitcher of water infers abundance and profuseness.The culminating , devotion for Goddess , Gauri attributes to the fulfillment of the wistful aspiration of the bride for hilarious conjugal life reposing in claim serenity and tranquility,sprinkled with vernal fragrance and floral felicity.As such they pray to Goddess Gauri with unsullied devotion.

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