Janakpur Mithila dham

मिथिला की पावन नगरी जनकपुर

जनकपुर प्राचीन विदेह राज्य की राजधानी थी | यह एक ऐसा रमणीक और पवित्र स्थान है , जिसका   वर्णन धर्मग्रंथों, काव्यों एवं रामायण में भी किया गया है | वर्तमान में यह नगर नेपाल देश में स्थित है | इसी जगह भगवान् राम एवं आदर्श नारी सीता का विवाह संपन्न हुआ था | यहीं पर […]

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Corona new strain Darbhanga

50% Corona tested patients in Darbhanga found positive

Darbhanga district’s corona situation is getting with each passing day. Recently, every 10 people tested for COVID19, five people were found to be positive. DMCH seven beds in the Corona ICU, and all are exhausted. There hasn’t been enough space to accommodate more patients. Space Full in ICU A critical Corona Positive patient from Saharsa […]

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Darbhanga Medical College: Details & History

With 13 departments, 487 faculties and 1050 total number of beds, Darbhanga Medical College & Hospital is one of the oldest and biggest medicine colleges in Bihar. It has 100 medical seats for MBBS course, 72 seats in MD/MS and 15 seats in PG Diploma and DM/MCh courses respectively. History of Darbhanga Medical College The medical college […]

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Court marriage in Darbhanga: Registration Office & Process

All court marriages are performed, under the Special Marriage Act. Like the other places in India, Court marriage in Darbhanga is solemnised and registered by the Marriage Officer/Registrar of Marriages in presence of just 3 witnesses. Normally, the Marriage Officer is usually the Deputy Commissioner of the District where individuals usually reside. A notice of marriage […]

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Darbhanga Big Baazar : Vegetable & Grocert section

Big Bazaar Darbhanga: Contact number|Details

Big Bazaar Darbhanga was opened on October 16, 2019. It was the 12th store of the retail giant in Bihar. It is the flagship hypermarket retail chain called Future Group, having a presence in over 100 cities in the entire country. Big Bazaar Darbhanga contact number The home delivery contact number of Big Bazaar Darbhanga […]

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Bhindi bhujia

Bhindi Bhujiya Vidhi : ऐसे बनाये Crispy भिन्डी भुजिया!

भिन्डी एक बेहद आम सब्जी है जो भारत में अधिकतर घरों की रसोई में मिल जाती है | भिन्डी को चाहे तो कुरकुरे भुजिया के रूप में बना लें या फिर अन्य सब्जिओ के कॉम्बिनेशन के साथ बना लें, ये बड़े ही आसानी से बन जाती है | चाहे रोटी हो , पराठा हो या […]

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Electronic show room Aditya Vision near Income Tax Chowk Darbhanga

Aditya Vision Darbhanga: Contact Number & Details

Aditya Vision Darbhanga outlet was opened in Darbhanga in 2016. The store is located in Radio Station Road near Income Tax Chowk. The store remains open on Sunday. The electronics consumer’s equipment seller in Bihar inaugurated its showroom in the city on Sunday. Aditya Vision Darbhanga (Mobile/Contact) Aditya Vision Darbhanga’s Showroom Manager is Mr Kundan […]

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royal insignia of the Darbhanga Raj

History of Darbhanga Airport & Aviation in Mithila

The history of aviation in Mithila dates back to the period of Maharaja Rameshwar Singh of Darbhanga although the first commercial flight service was started during the early ’50s. First Aircraft in Mithila On the side of the F-4440 plane aircraft, you can identify an inscription which states “PRESENTED BY” Maharaja Bahadur Sir Rameswar Singh […]

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Bihar Madarsa Board Exams 2021 Registration

Last Date for Exam registration in Bihar Maulvi, Fokania & Wastania Exam 2021 extends till Nov 15

The last date with fine is extended for filling the examination form of Bihar Wastania Exam, Bihar Fokania Exam and Bihar Maulvi Exam 2021 till November 15. Bihar State Madrasa Education Board secretary Saeed Ansari revealed this news to the media. The board secretary informed that the date of filling the examination form has been […]

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