Re1 to Rs 3 increase in Sudha Milk prices in Bihar

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Re1 to Rs 3 increase in Sudha Milk prices in Bihar

State Milk Cooperative Federation Limited (COMFED) has increased prices of all types of milk by up to three rupees per litre .While  payment of farmer’s milk has been increased from one to four rupees . Although COMFED has not any increased the rate of its other products.

Mr. Rajesh Verma , GM of COMFED informed this . While P Kumar Paras , Minister of Animal and Fisheries Resources said that the prices of Sudha  milk has been increased for the benefit the farmers . He said  the marginal increase in the rate of milk will not have any major effect on majority.

Last year in December 2016 the price of Sudha Milk was increased by Rs 2.

New rates of milk (in Rupees)

Milk Current Price Prev. Price Increase (Rs)

Sudha Gold (in Rupees)

Half liter 24.00 23.00 1.00
One liter 48.00 45.00 3.00

Sudha Healthy (in Rupees)

Half Liter 19.00 18.00 1.00
One Liter 37.00 35.00 2.00

Sudha Shakti (in Rupees)

Half Liter 21.00 20.00 1.00
One Liter 41.00 39.00 2.00

Cow Milk (in rupees)

Half Liter 20.00 19.00 1.00
one Liter 40.00 37.00 2.00

Sudha Samraat (in rupees)

Half Liter 17.00 16.00 1.00
One Liter 34.00 32.00 2.00

Tea special (in rupees)

Half Liter 19.00 18.00 1.00
One Liter 38.00 36.00 2.00

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