Valmiki Tiger Reserve gets a gift of ten elephants from Karnataka

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Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR) has got the gift of 10 elephants from Karnataka. These elephants will play a key role in monitoring the  smugglers and predators of the forest of VTR . The group of elephants will come here from Karnataka . Mahout will also come here from Karnataka with the elephants .

These Mahouts will give special training to the Mahouts of VTR .

Amit Kumar , deputy director and DFO of VTR  told that the presence of these elephants in VTR will increase the diversity of organisms and the forest protection system will be rich.

The forest worker will be able to monitor the forests and wild life better by riding on the elephants . At present , there is only one elephant in the forest of VTR , which has kept in Madanpur forest area .

Preparing to welcome the elephant

This group of elephants is about to reach here from the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve and Badipur of Karnataka. Amit Kumar , DFO told that entire process has been completed for this.The safety of tigers and other organisms will increase after the elephant arrives and the attraction for tourists visiting the jungle will also increase.

Deuce of Chitwan’s elephants will go away

There is Chitwan National Park of Nepal near to VTR . There is more number of elephants in Chitwan . Many times, Chitwan’s elephants disorganize in VTR by entering the forest and residential areas. It is very  difficult to control these impaired elephant . Looking at the groups of these elephants , the impaired elephant run away .

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