Registration for Bihar Haj Pilgrims starts

Darbhanga News

Registration for Haj journey has been started , which will be continued till December 7 , 2017. Md. Alam , instructor of Bihar State Haj Committee has given some urgent advice for the pilgrims who want to travel Haj .

He said that a valid international passport is required for Haj pilgrimage. Haj pilgrims of more than 70 years in age must go with a colleague .

If anyone want to travel again with the Haj Committee , being a partner with Haj pilgrims, or such women who have to go Haj first time like wife , sister , mother can travel with him .

Mr. Alam said that government has ended subsidy this time. Therefore, Haj pilgrims should be aware that it will be cheaper to fly for Haj pilgrims from Kolkata airport instead of Gaya airport. If they fly from Kolkata then they will have to pay 30 thousand rupees less . Only two airports have been fixed for Haj pilgrims of Bihar, these are Kolkata and Gaya.

Application of Hajj can be obtained for free from the residence of Md. Alam . The residential address of Md. Alam is near Millat college , Panjilat colony .

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