50% Corona tested patients in Darbhanga found positive

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Corona darbhanga: Cases of Covid19 sees a jump in Darbhanga
Corona Darbhanga: Cases of Covid19 sees a jump in Darbhanga

Darbhanga district’s corona situation is getting with each passing day. Recently, every 10 people tested for COVID19, five people were found to be positive. DMCH seven beds in the Corona ICU, and all are exhausted. There hasn’t been enough space to accommodate more patients.

Space Full in ICU

A critical Corona Positive patient from Saharsa was sent to the ICU for two days after hospitalization, however, no space was available to him. As a result, his treatment is undergoing in isolation.

New Covid19 Strain in Darbhanga

A new Corona strain has arrived this time in the district. This time, such people are getting positive, who are asymptomatic. Asymptomatic people are those who don’t have any symptoms.

In the first 12 days of April 2021, there are 155 positives. Corona has taken the lives of 9 people in DMCH.

Corona Darbhanga: Situation

In the district, 22 containment zones have been created. In DMCH, one person from each of the Saharsa and Madhubani districts died of Corona. In the district, 20 Corona positives have been found. In the investigation of Rapid Antigen Kit (RTPCR), 60 people have tested positive at DMCH’s flu corner.

Out of these infectd, two-person are from Lahiriarai and one person each from Kabirchak, Azamnagar, DMCH Campus, Bahadurpur, Biraul, University Police Station, Andhrathadi, Basopatti, Sakri, and Loukahi are included.

At present, there are 37 Corona Positive Patients in DMCH’s Isolation Ward and ICU are getting treated.

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