Chauth Chandra in Mithila falls on September 4

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Chauth Chandra Puja to be celebrated on September 4

Chauth Chandra Puja in Mithila will be celebrated on September 4.The date’s confusion was cleared after a unanimous decision at a meeting of the Sanskrit scholars on Tuesday at PG Center of KSDSU .

Dr. Bhagirath Mishra the ex-HoD of Philosophy presided the meeting at this venue.The speakers brushed off the confusions and said that Sep 4 falls under a Pradosh Kaal – a period considered very important in many festivals and people can offer the Puja without any fear.The ‘Chauth Chandra Puja should be held in the dusk time only’ they added.

According to the imminent scholars at KSDSU , the organizing of this festival is not justified on September 5  since the dusk does not pervaded the half  hour Chaturthi date in the dusk time .The scholars presented many quotations in favor of their argument including one from “Krityashiromani” written by Chandeshwar .

The senior teachers of all departments like Dr. Shiva Kant Jha , Dr. Shashi Nath Jha , Dr.Videshwar Jha , Dr. Baua Nand Jha , Dr. Vinay Kumar Mishra , Dr. Dayanand Jha , Dr. Vidyadhar Mishra , Dr. Nand Kishor Chaudhary , Dr. Shravan Kumar Chaudhary , Dr.Lakshminath Jha , Dr. Shaktinath Jha etc were present in the meeting .

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