Ancient statue found in Andouli village of Darbhanga

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A very ancient statue of Lord Lakshmi-Vishnu was found on digging the soil of the Farahi pond at Andauli village under Alinagar block of Darbhanga district . A large number of curious onlookers and devotees gathered to worship the statue.

This government owned pond is spread in four acres and used mainly for cultivation of Makhana . This time due to the lack of adequate rainfall the pond water had dried. That’s why the villagers were digging the pond . As soon as the excavation started bricks started to come out from the inside of the ground and later on an ancient statue also surfaced.

It could not be ascertained what metal did the statue was made of. But it is assumed that the statue is made of some unique and precious metal. Because of its shining the statue is attracting the people. The villagers have placed this statue in the campus of Ram-Janki temple of the village.

Old folks of the village have said that they heard from their ancestors Andauli village used to be the warehouse of legendry king named Shiv Singh of Vidyapati era. The king used to visit this place with his queen. It is believed that a special temple had been built here which might have been demolished in some disaster.

According to some village folks a resident of Ghanghia village of Benipur block had found a lot of wealth in this pond.

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