Bypass Road (Baghmore -Dillimore Road) Section Closed for construction of fore lane

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Darbhanga Bypass Road Closed for four lane conversion

The traffic will be stopped from Baghmore to Dillimore road.This is because this road is going to be converted to a four lane highway.

Alternate routes have been selected for traffic by PWD Darbhanga.Despite this , until the traffic is not started on this road ,  people will have to face difficulties.

As you know that Darbhanga’s private bus stand has now been shifted at Delhimore  and this will cause more traffic problems.

The Bypass road has become very important for the city.There is much pressure on this road due to single lane for commute.The problem of jam always was remains on this stretch.

Due to all these issues , it was decided to convert this road a fore lane.

Vinod Kumar , executive engineer of Darbhanga PWD told that Rs 10 Crores will be spent on the construction of this road. The aim is to restore traffic on this road is till June.

A PCC road will be constructed from Baghmore to Railway Gumti. Pitching of road will be from railway gumati to Delhimore.

In plain words , vehicles will not operate from Baghmore to Delhimore until June as the department says.

But according to Executive Engineer told the traffic will be completely operational by June.A Drainage system will also be constructed at the roadside .

These are alternative routes announced

1. To go to Madhubani-Saharsa-Supaul-Purnia from Aikbhinda Sakri

2. To go to Muzaffarpur-Patna- Sitamadhi from Shivdhara Bazar Samiti

3. Traffic of Bela Public School will be from Baghmore only

4. Traffic of Bela Durga Mandir and Industrial area will be from Kadirabad Polytechnic and NH 57

5. Traffic of Postal Training Center will be from Baghmore PSM Path

6. Traffic of Bela and Belashankar will be from rack point.

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