Corona: Darbhanga Tower Arvind Market Sealed

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Arvind Market Darbhanga
Arvind Market Darbhanga

Darbhanga Municipal Corporation has sealed the Arvind market on Sunday on the instructions of Darbhanga DM after several people found infected with Covid-19 in the sub-market.

The administration has barricaded all the entrance to the Arvind market with Bamboos. As you might be aware, there are two entrances to the one from the main road and the other entranceway from Bohra Gali. Both these entrances are now obstructed. However, No similar strictness was observed in the affected sites in Mirzapur and Donar. It is to remind you that there are almost three dozens shops in the Arvind market.

Mithai Ghar Worker infected

One resident of Donar, who works in new Mithai Ghar found was corona positive on June 22. The administration had closed the Mithai Ghar but did not seal with bamboo and-bat. Therefore, new Mithai Ghar opened again after four days. 9 people got infected after coming in contact with corona victim working in Mithai Ghar.

There is no clear measure to set a containment zone. After getting a corona positive patient, there is no scale to determine the Containment Zone. Earlier, the owner of ‘Shagun’ utensil shop was found corona positive in the same market complex.

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