Darbhanga Jail Officer Resigns: Levels Corruption charges against Senior

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Darbhanga Jail DSP Resigns alleging rampant corruption

The Deputy Superintendent in charge of Darbhanga Mandal Kara –
Nirmal Kumar has also resigned from government service. The officer in Bihar is the 3rd one to have resigned from his post.

Nirmal Kumar was upset with the inhuman treatment done against the prisoners in the jail. He has alleged that he was being harassed for protesting against the inhuman conduct by the jail superintendent.

Not to forget, this is the third Government official to have resigned after Rajiv Kumar- the DTO of Darbhanga and Anupam Kumar Suman – the Commissioner of Patna Municipal Corporation.

Nirmal Kumar has levelled many serious allegations against Jail Superintendent Sandip Kumar. According to him, Mr Sandeep Kumar treats his prisoners inhumanely. The jail superintendent is also alleged to keeps TB patient in the cell along with other inmates which are against the rule.

According to the officer when he started opposing the irregularities, his boss started mentally torturing and threatening to suspend him. “Two jail doctors also quit the job because of the superintendent’s attitude”, he adds.

Accused of scam in prisoners’ food

Nirmal Kumar has alleged that Sandeep Kumar came to Darbhanga jail in July 2019 and since then the case of torture with prisoners started. According to the jail manual, there is a provision of giving milk, egg and curd to the inmates, these are not given. Superintendents make duplicate bills of the goods with the supplier. Prisoners are put in a cell for recovery.

He alleged that jail superintendents can go to any extent to extort money. For recovery the money, he even put a TB patient in the cell. ADJ-2 of Darbhanga has also issued a show-cause notice to the Jail Superintendent on the complaint filed by the TB patient in the court. Apart from this, the jail superintendents make a group of overbearing prisoners and pressurize them to recover from weak prisoners.

Superintendent accused Nirmal Kumar that he does not follow the rules

When the Zee Media team spoke to the Darbhanga Jail Superintendent over the phone, they accused Nirmal Kumar of not following the rules. According to Jail Superintendent Sandeep Kumar, due to non-compliance of Nirmal Kumar rules, show cause notices have been issued 21 times during the service period so far. Sandeep Kumar rejected all the allegations of Nirmal Kumar.

Before joining as deputy Superintendent in-charge of jail, he was serving as a Sergeant in the Air force.

Nirmal Kumar Prabhat, who resigned before joining the Bihar Jail service, worked in the Air Force as a Sergeant from 1992 to 2008. In 2013, he was selected as Assistant Superintendent in Bihar Prison Service. He says that with great hope he had chosen the Bihar government job, but here he met with a disappointed.

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