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Darbhanga Medical College

With 13 departments, 487 faculties and 1050 total number of beds, Darbhanga Medical College & Hospital is one of the oldest and biggest medicine colleges in Bihar. It has 100 medical seats for MBBS course, 72 seats in MD/MS and 15 seats in PG Diploma and DM/MCh courses respectively.

History of Darbhanga Medical College

King Rameshwar Singh Image
King Rameshwar Singh

The medical college was constructed with the efforts of King Rameshwar Singh of Khandavala Dynasty who also built the beautiful Raj Nagar Palace in Madhubani.

According to the incidence, the Prince of Wales, also called Edward VIII, came to Bihar in 1925. Darbhanga Maharaj Rameshwar Singh requested him to visit a medical school at Patna named ‘Temple of Medical Learning’. 

The Prince, who subsequently became King Edward VIII, was very impressed by working of the medical school. On behalf of the British government, he offered to the Maharaja to upgrade the medical school into a new college for medicine.

The older, ‘Temple of Medical Learning’ was decided to be shifted somewhere else in Bihar. According to old folks, the ‘Temple of Medical Learning’, was earlier decided to be transferred to, Muzaffarpur. 

The twist in the tale comes here! The maharaja accepted the shifting of medical school but proposed its setup at Darbhanga. Eventually, his wish was fulfilled and, paved the way for the medical College in the city.

The Raj family donated 300 acres of prime land in the middle, of the twin city of Darbhanga-Laheriasarai along with Rs 6 lakh for setting up and expansion the Medical College.

Establishment year of DMCH

Main Gate of Darbhanga Medical College

Initially, the medical college was located, inside today’s police hospital situated near Lohia Chowk of the city. Before a start, the king had to deposit an amount of Rs 25,000 to the British to shift the medical college. After the king, his son Kameshwar Singh upgraded and renamed the ‘Temple of Medical Learning’ to Darbhanga Medical College in 1946.

Affiliations of DMCH

Library of Darbhanga Medical College
Library of Darbhanga Medical College

It is now a government medical college having hospital facilities. At present, college is affiliated, from Aryabhatta Knowledge University.

The unique importance of the DMCH is 24 hours of emergency services available, which includes pathology, Radiology, Blood bank and 24 hours Pharmacy.

What does DMCH teach?

MBBS is one of the reputed degree course medical colleges in India. The college in Darbhanga teaches five and half year course which includes one year of compulsory internship. It has a total of 19 subjects in MBBS, with 9-semester exams and four university exams. 

After MBBS, students can opt for higher studies by choosing MD or MS course through NEET-PG entrance exam.


In the course of MBBS, there are semester wise exam and final Exam which we called as university exam. Each Exam. is consist of theory part as well as viva part. Students have to pass in all exams. 

Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital offers 2 Years & 3 months Full-Time Diploma or Certification in Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician (DOTT). All courses require you to take up a selection test.

The first year fee of DMCH is around 23000/, and in 2nd year it’s 45000/ and for 3rd and the final year, it’s about 23000. So the whole course expenditure is around 1 lac.

Contact Details:

Current Principal and Dean: Dr K.N. Mishra
Contact No :# 947000325
Email ID: principaldmc202@gmail.com

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