LNMU Part 2 Exam Date 2020 Routine

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LNMU Part 2 Exams from November 27,2020
LNMU Part 2 Exams from November 27,2020 : Routine/Timings

LNMU has announced the revised program of degree part two Honors Exam-2020. The honors exams papers according to the latest LNMU Part 2 Exam Date 2020 Routine, begins from November 25 and ends on December 5.

One lakh and eleven thousand students which span across all LNMU affiliated and constituent colleges will participate in this exam.

In view of the COVID-19 protocol, the subjects are divided into six groups so that the necessary distance between two students can be placed in the seating.

2020 LNMU Part 2 Exam groups are :

APolitical Science, Chemistry
BHistory, Urdu, AIH&C and Sanskrit
CCommerce, Maths, Music, Drama, LSW and Maithili
DPhysics, Hindi, Psychology
ESociology, Economics, Botany and Home Science
FGeography, Rural Economics, Philosophy, Parisian, Zoology, Anthropology, English
Group Table for LNMU Part 2 Hons Exams in November 2020

LNMU Part 2 Exam date 2020 Timetable

Date1st shift
(9.30 AM -12.30PM)
2nd shift
(1.30 PM to 4.30 PM)
November 25, 20203rd. paper of group A3rd.paper of group B
November 28, 20203rd paper of group C3rd paper of group D
December 1, 20203rd paper of group E3rd paper of group F
December 2, 20204th paper of group A4th paper of group B
December 3, 20204th paper of group C4th paper of group D
December 5, 20204th paper of group E4th paper of group F
LNMU Part 2 Exam date 2020 Timetable/Papers

Part2 Exam Program of SUB./GEN. subjects LNMU

Date of Examfirst shift (9.30AM to 12.30 PM)2nd shift (1.30 PM to 4.30 PM)
December 7, 2020RB- NHn (Sc./Com.), NB-Maithili, English, Urdu, Bengali & NepaliRB-Hn (Sc./Com.), Music (Sc./Com.), Dramatics (Sc./Com.)
December 8, 2020RB-NHn (Arts) group A to C (Set-I), MB-Maithili, English, Urdu, allRB-NH (group D to F) (Set-II), MB- Maithili, English, Urdu and
Bengali and Nepaliall pass course
December 9, 2020RB-Hn (Arts) Hons group A to C (Set-I)RB-Hn (Arts) Hons & all pass course from group D to F (Set-II)
December 10, 2020Sociology (Sub./Gen)Monetary Theories & Financial Institution (Sub/Gen)
December 11, 2020Geography (Sub/Gen)Chemistry (Sub/Gen)
December 12, 2020Psychology (Sub/Gen)AIH&C (Sub/Gen)
December 14, 2020History(Sub/Gen)Mathematics (Sub/Gen) , Science & Arts
December 15, 2020All Language&literature Hindi, English, Maithili, Urdu, Sanskrit and Persian (Sub/Gen)Economics (Sub?Gen), BRFW, A/C (Gen)
December 16,2020LSW (Sub/Gen), Botany (Sub/Gen)Indian Economy & Entrepreneurship (Sub/Gen)
December17, 2020Rural Economics (Sub/Gen), Zoology (Sub/Gen)Philosophy (Sub/Gen), Physics (Sub/Gen)
December 18, 2020Pol. Science (Sub/Gen)Home Science (Sub /Gen)
SUB./GEN Papers Program for LNMU Part 2 Exams

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