Now , Shyama Bhog gets costly after Trust decision

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Shyama Bhog gets costly after Trust decision

In a meeting of Shyama Temple Trust Committee several decisions were taken.In one such decision it was decide to increase the prices of Shyama Bhog – the delicacy offered to Goddess Shayama as an offering.

The price of Shyama Bhogh was increased from Rs. 220 to 240 rupees per kg.

The new price will be applicable from January 1.

Among upcoming financial decisions it has been decided that a computerized receipt will be now be given to  bring transparency in financial work.

In the audit report, an urgent report was summoned from the two-member team formed to investigate the objection lodged on Nine lakhs Ninety three thousand one hundred seventy six rupees.It was told to submit report by January 15.Vinay Kumar , secretary of Commissioner gave this information . Secretary said that the income-expenditure of the year 2018 was approved in the meeting.

He also said that current treasurer was removed from the account operation. This responsibility was given to co-secretary,Sripati Tripathi and Member Rajeshwar Paswan.

Given the growing menace of the monkeys in the temple premises it was decided to construct a fence around Shyama Temple and set up CCTV cameras for better surveillance.

The service of the employees appointed on the contract was extended for six months.

Sinha Homoeopath College located at Laheria Sarai was allowed to conduct free medical camp for six months at the temple premises.

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