Announcement Food Parks establishment gives new ray of hope for Makhana farmers in Mithila

The announcement to open 42 food parks in the central budget has given a new ray of hope for Makhana farmers in Mithila. Local Makhana farmers say that if food park opens in Darbhanga, then people of will get benefitted greatly. At present , Makhana farmer’s economical condition in Mithila is very miserable.And due to […]

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Newly developed Makhana species to need very less water

Now the Makhana will also be produced in the fields along with the pond. Dual yield in low cost will open the door to the prosperity of the farmers . After five years of hard work, agricultural scientists have succeeded in developing new species of ‘Golden Vaidehi’. 70% of Makhana cultivation in the country is […]

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RAU to open a new ‘Veterinary college’ in Madhubani

There will be four new Agriculture colleges opened in Bihar under Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agriculture University.Under this ,  Garden college in Motihari , Veterinary college in Madhubani and Agriculture College in Aurangabad is proposed to be opened. In addition to this  an Agriculture college is also said to be opened in any one of […]

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Rajendra Agriculture University may get central university status

Rajendra Agriculture University likely to become a Central University

The union cabinet is likely to a approve the draft of legislation to change the RAU Pusa into central University .If this legislation draft is approved by the Rajya Sabha then it will be sent to the president .After a signature of the president RAU will become Rajendra Agricultural Central University .This draft may be […]

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Based on the suggestions of Crop Manager - An Agricultural Software Application Rajendra Agricultural University has found some good field results

Agriculture app is helping farmers in Mithila for a bumper rice cultivation !

A software application- crop Manager , is helping the farmers of Mithila region – Pusa , Sitamadhi and Madhubani in learning the right techniques of rice cultivation.The Rajendra Agricultural University at PUSA has conducted rice cultivation field experiments based on this app and found better results not only once but 3 times.The university is also […]

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