The first passengers from Darbhanga airport

Finally , Darbhanga-Kolkata-Delhi weekly flight service begins

Monday was a historical day for Darbhanga when the 9 seated aircraft of the Sprit Air took of for Kolkata from the air force airport.The flight is operational via Kolkata route.Resident of Ajamnagar , Mr.Jitendra and his wife Mrs. Pratibha with a one year old son Anand  became the first passengers to travel from Darbhanga.They […]

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Flight From Darbhanga To Start From Today

The Air service will start from Darbhanga today

Door to door services (DTDS) travel and tour plaza will start air service from Darbhanga first time today.The dream of the people of Darbhanga will come true after its first flight service will start in association with the Sprit Airways from Darbhanga to Delhi. The flight will reach Darbhanga airport from Delhi via Kolkata at […]

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A Commercial Flight Service was to start from Darbhanga by spirit airway possibly using its fleet of Cessna Grand Aircrafts

Start of the first flight service from Darbhanga gets delayed by a week

The flight service from Darbhanga could not be started from Monday , June 8.The tour operator DTDS’s representative , SK Varma  said that the company could not get clearance from the airport authority due to internal reasons.As a result ,the flight which was scheduled for the Monday (June 8th) has been cancelled.Flights service from Darbhanga […]

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Flight Service from Darbhanga

Spirit Air’s chartered flight service from Darbhanga to start from June 8th

Latest News July 2016 : flight Service has been discontinued.Read -> News If  all things get well , the people of Darbhanga and the Mithila region will be began to receive flight services from Darbhanga to multiple places including Delhi..The Bangalore based DTDS Travel & Tour Planner in tie-up with Spirit Air India, a private […]

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