Sight of third eye on every activity in Laheriasarai court


Now , unlawful acts can be made cause of problems in the campus of Darbhanga court . Yes ,  your monitoring is done by third eye . Your all activities are being captured in CCTV camera .  CCTV cameras have been installed on every entrance and exist gates of Darbhanga court from the point of view security . In these days , the criminal incidents are happening in the courts of Bihar .

The many criminal incidents have happened in the courts of Arrah , Muzaffarpur and  Chhapra . So , Manu Maharaj , SP of Darbhanga had sent the proposal the State government to install CCTV camera in the campus of Darbhanga court for the point of view security . Since then , the vehicle detection device was installed fist at the south entrance gate of the court .

Now , the monitoring of court campus has started by CCTV camera . The trial of the case of dreaded prisoners of out side of district of engineer’s murder is going on day to day . Their appearance is being made among heavy security .

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